Senin, Juni 01, 2009

At Australian, Hat Is Used To Fight Against Fly

hat in the style of cowboy at famous australian with the title akubra, taken from language aborijin that mean enclosing head. available from cow hide ingredient, kangaroo, crocodile, canvas until merely" laken" usually. australia's hat
then at home, besides hang boomerang in kesemp atan other i decorate made hat from canvas, but at hat hem swings string that given ballast" cork stopper" . sure be scenery" aengaeng" alias unique for my nephew. as usual good ditto, my nephew is the age seven year commenteds, " base has pakde strange. " he says comment with monotone likes to say ice everywhere likely yes cold.
but if big later good moment reside in australian soil in the early summer - around bovember - he will know strange hat use. time that's fly fleets begins to progress merangsek and multiply the fastly at australian. this fly is the stubborn nggegirisi. they like to look for our body warmth opened, even less if not face. more silneced more" neranyak" ngelunjak look for moist part and protected may be to put the egg, even less if not mouth, nose and ear hole.
if success enter ear, we are serasa hear six cans khong guan pummelled so that hand reflek strike hard ear. hot ear and berdenging, fly as usual congratulation from clap even wail at nose feather. berjamaah again the total. well, that's the to it cork stopper a while ago so that escaped from fly attack.
should summer like this fly rather lemot the movement. but selemot- winged animal. that is why looked for manner prevent it by using hat that given" curtain"  or in heavy fly case, australian ones covers the face with plastic net.
so wrong if there opinion that only visit dirty place. at australian, with space ac cool and clear of mosquito even if fly armies stands hidu

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