Selasa, Juni 23, 2009

Girl Hat

fiddle around with hat girls, who says only guy aja that fit to wear hat? also fit kok girl. important correct model election. besides functioned to protect your head from sunshine, you also can wear hat moment experience bad hair day lho girls… 14

make you are personality that feminim, best choose hat with model straw hats and knit seal. straw hat hatmodel inspiration from our farmers that is worn to protect the face from sunshine. but, doesn't like original hat that is worn farmers, straw hat has circle not too wide with colour and ingredient that vary.

difference with straw hatthat can protect face, knit only can protect our hair. if you more like guy model ha, you also can make it seen feminim kok girls… choose hat with model baseball seal from ingredient and soft colour, like white, butbrown and pink. sstt… this model hatis effective hides hair in a mess you lho…

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