Rabu, Juni 10, 2009

Victoria Beckham Come Up With Hat Josef Stalin

model victoria beckham come up as cover magazine fashion vogue russia versVICTORIA'S HATion. he comes up with clothes attire in the style of russia, that is even also after previous do to take turns clothes.
will hope from that the clothing choice will not disappoint readers vogue, all at once hope can give inspiration in the readers. " i hope this desirable womans, " he said. 
in cover that magazine, woman also former personel that wear hat such as those which ever worn by russia presidents, josef stalin. " era coat 40-an and 50-an give influence and big inspiration for me, " ungkap that football star wife.

called as section star most looked for, up to then magazine founder playboy ever menawari contract to be the model. this offer is throwed when the husband announces transfer from real madrid to los angeles galaxy, a united america league club member or fortunate league soccer.
ask posh spice, such usually called, to ready berfoto together with sweet girls that menyiapkannya at los angeles. but up to now that offer matter is not yet gets conception from name owner victoria caroline adams that.

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