Sabtu, Juni 20, 2009

Metal Hat From Kotagede

do you remember in hat often worn soldiers kompeni at dutch colonial period formerly? even so you do not know unique hat that resembles that motorcycle helmet, not exercise. anyway, you


even can get it at this modern period. even hat appearance more interesting because dress up various relief type in all the surface.

hat models can you find at nr silver, yogyakarta. noor raharjo, tradesman nr silver, has creative idea polishes metal hat in the style of monsieurs kompeni. nr silver stand since 1965 ago. this store is family property noor they are kelola according to heredityly. now noor bertanggungjawab on continuance nr silver.

product metal hat noor made from various metal ingredient, like gold, silver, copper, brass,  and alluminium. noor offered the product hat in tricolour, that is silver burns (rather blackness), silver,  and yellow.
to do those hats, noor helped ten employees. although so he is permanent jumps down direct controls product quality hat. not seldom he meddles self finish a part order. " i also join in mendisain picture up to carve hat, " augment it. every month noor can to make 50-60 hat.

the maker process rather complex and eccentric make that antique hat interestings. remember complexity level with the standard ingredient price expensive, he sells the work fruit at the price of tall. " cheapest rp 2 million, costliest rp 10 million. but that also depending ingredient and also the complex design from hat, " brightness.

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