Sabtu, Juni 13, 2009

Fashion & style: hat and appearance

appearance trendi, pretty,  and winsome be yearned for everyone. not seldom, for increase elegan appearance, always there suvenir certain that decorate face. and one of them hat. 14 hat really known since long time, the kind even also various. but in principle, hat is worn limit of to cover head from hot sengatan suffocating sun.

also has hobby self in use hat. at west, cow shepherds usually called cowboy, often we are tough wears hat in the style of elvis presley, with all the sides is given enclosing. this time, hat makers makes various hat kind, there only in front of it mengasih enclosing, then there also on it opened, may even exist artless.

along the development, hat not again worn as a means of to close head,  but now turn into model or style for somebody appearance. so that, moment somebody doesn't use hat, many people that becoming not identified it because changes. but there also on the contrary use hat to change the appearance.

many people use hats for their hair style display. since mid century ke-20, hat experiences time tren. even hat likely be tren from itself change. now, hat model various the kind. hat baseball, hat relaxes, work hat,  and hat merely enclosing head.

present day women, also not lag to use hat. various model and hat kind for woman. even a woman dressier with hat utility. the user can add to appear soft or even appear more macho (guy) or boyish when wear appropriate hat with the need.
temporary for hat relaxes, this type of more many put forward the user mind refinement. the model even also belong to simple but impressive.

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