Rabu, Juni 03, 2009

Care Hats Favorit

Now hat not again as accesories merely, but be fashion stuff. along with fashion development, also experience many developments.
well to make more style wears our hat must knows manner cares correct hat, here you are its way: hats

1. if hat shaped skin suede, clean with special cleaner suede many is sold. wear cloth lembap to lift the dirt.
2. if hat shaped wool, clean with special soft brush wool with soap berkadar light.
3. if hat shaped plait, clean with dry napkin.
4. made hat from cotton goods, can we wash and detergent.
if we know manner care it, certain we are more come up style with our hat. there also tips make happy wear hat:
- if be fed up with our hat, add decoration likes brooch, pin,  or ribbons
- wear casquette hat if we like to leave an impression sporty
- wear hat fedora if we like to leave an impression a little masculine and seen? expensive?
- if our head is little, don't wear hat hat but wear model hat papaerboy.
make hat more style not difficult khan? ? ?

so, congratulation try! ! ! !

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