Jumat, Juni 05, 2009

Fedora Hat

Head accesory popularest this made fashion symbol from time to time. also can make millions lovers to always elegant loyal hat.
at fashion world, hat really has the segment self. sea not ever shifted, within reason clothing, every year it has tren always change hat. now hat not exclusively worn moment suffocating sun burns skin, aura strong and the model more varihat fedoraous from time to time, not doubtful make several circles not ever want to get out of accesory one this. 

follow clothing designer jeanny ang, besides as head casing, hat from the aspect of fashion is looked at as completion factor or accesory from coat that worn. " what want style 1960-an or 1970-an that must be worn. to tren hat year this, more up at little hat likes grace kelly. or common called with hat fedora. hat this type of will give simple impression elegan and minimalis, " mention it.
his furthermore says, fit coat and fit worn mom

ent wear hat that is clothes more to semicocktail. meanwhile, colours natural like beige, chocolate,  and colour natural another often so choice these days.
actually, person has begun to cover head with hat since period formerly. around year 1400-1500-an, hat or headwear worn to protect head from accident or wounded, stone dropping,  and weapon. along period more bloom, hat is used as power simbol. now, hat experiences development enough fast not only worn to equip a uniform, also to creat art taste cloth.

in the world of fashion, hat is accesory most jut because the location very seize attention. several circles even say, if we like to seen to jut and payed, wear hat. around 85 body hot percents is adsorbed when wear hat. so, not bad not always cover head because head is asset most valuable.
is mentioning design from burberry that lift youngster image with hat model fedora now is loving at fatherland.

basically has crown hat or tall top part and brim or part side mengeliling (this is extern part from hat). with trim, that is hat cut. model fedora or common called hat tompi for example, has crown tall, but a little dent in part middle with brim and trim little. amount of selebriti another, like goddess sandra and ivan noble also often seen to wear hat model a kind of this. if classic appearance and special youngster soes your choice. apparently hat fedora this is proper is made alternative.

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