Jumat, Juni 19, 2009

Artisan Hat Philosophy Black Magic

if you again watch existing movies the black magic artisan, try hat the sorcerer. in general longish the hat and taper the hat end . this differ from artisan hat , also rather tall, but the hat end not taper. iya kan? tau enggak why so?

hat black magic

in the first place, we must look at that there is the difference between good sorcerer and unrighteous. if good sorcerer, the coat usually in bright colour, good taper the hat, enggak crooked and appearance the itself sorcerer even also usually appear rapih.

if unrighteous sorcerer, the coat usually black the colour, taper the hat, but usually crooked or ketekuk in the middle of or at elbow the hat tip of a leaf and appearance the itself sorcerer even also usually appear dirty like enggak ever bathe. clear, good sorcerer or wicked the two taper the hat, iya kan? why does taper sorcerer hat? like this the story:

pointed, because in period formerly sorcerer of opinion that pointed end will be centre gather it energy. when does this energy been gatherred quite a lot, so will happen energy jump from pointed end.
aim from sorcerer so that they, after the energy out from crown of head, snare ngumpul be hat, then be channelled to on up at pointed end then supposed can make energy jump that will make connection short (kortsluiting) between energy earth/mortal and cosmos/immortal/mysterious energy. supposed, with the happening of kortsluiting this so the sorcerer will can to use cosmos strength for need sihir-menyihir.

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