Senin, Mei 25, 2009

Trends cowboy hat More

Gear head, or hat seems to return to world fashion trends for the young at this time. One of the hats the most 'in' this is a jazz vocalist hat ala Tompi hat and cowboy hat to the style of detective Sherloc3k Holmes.
At least this is seen in some outlets and distribution in Batam. Generally, for the collection of hats, at this time they again jor sport fishing gear-cap product with this circular motif. Although the cowboy hat is identical with the men, but in fact many models specifically intended for womanhood.
Distributions Monza Skater Mega Mall, for example, is always swamped with visitors who deliberately pursue models the latest type of cowboy hat. "There is just to see, there is also a buy," said Ella, one of the employees Monza Skater. According to Ella, in Batam fever typical cowboy hats this has started since early September. This trend, says Ella, is the electrical current from the habit of pesohor also fond start wearing cowboy hats.

Although more trends, cowboy hat, but this model does not necessarily make a cool appearance. United frontier clothing also become very important. Ella yesterday also share knowledge about fuse-padankan clothing with a hat-a hat this round.
For example, if wearing a hat or Tompi ala Sherlock Holmes, should be combined with a cotton shirt with the motif feudatory pipe jeans light blue color. For semi-formal look, a black blazer cordore match shirt with shorts and long trousers with a subordinate model pipe.
Meanwhile, for those who like to appear with a  jazzy style, such as a bean hat often worn by Roselle Nava will be more fitting if you  with long-sleeve shirt and jeans belel. Can also complement give accessories such as big silver watch. Blend clothing is also very fitting model with cowboy hat with leaf width.
Residual mode of course is a term that most avoided by the young. With the western style of this show of course be one of the indications that young people up to date, especially in the fashion world.

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