Jumat, Mei 22, 2009

Hat Aretha trends over the United States

In the United States, politics and fashion to be two things that can not be separated. Like glasses and order Sarah palin hair style, as well as a Hat that is used when the singer Aretha Franklin inagurasi Barack Obama, president of United States 63619_aretha_franklin_thumb_300_225
Hat is now becoming a trend. American women are be admired. Traders bet fortunately. Sales Hat band this big increase after inagurasi Obama.
Known, Aretha indeed appear to use the cap is hit while sing a song "My Country Tis of Thee" for Obama.
One of the famous hat shop owners in Detroit that get thousands of phone the next day after the appearance of Aretha inagurasi Obama. "They order a lot of gray," said Luke Song of the shop owners.
Song sells hats with the price of U.S. $ 500 per cap or equivalent Rp 5.6 million. If you want a cheaper him to provide materials from satin hat, it costs $ 179.
Song hat started this business since 25 years ago and many of its customers come from the celebrities including Aretha Franklin.

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