Jumat, Juli 03, 2009

Period Hat Majapahit

period hat majapahit. this hat from period majapahit and very valuable from the aspimageect of wt artifact 6.5kg and memperbuat than bronze and insides hat found little snake memperbuat than long gold. very good to they are meminati artifact as collection and difficult found now. sold at  the price of rm150,000.00
not asa one year this effort has walked, many matters that we have faced and certain it will make us then bouncy to will come to improve tourism at banua banjar borneo south this.

age one yimageear very mean for us. . many progress that we are natural and one of them to remember this anniversary us launches a new product that is hat hy munk, with design elegan and certain it will make you will felt pleasant kalo wear it at the (time) of suffocating sun.. .
bec ause kecintaan we are with city" banjarmasin" membuatlah this design.

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