Sabtu, Juli 18, 2009

Idea Reader Hat From Taiwan

Idea Reader Hat From Taiwan. its for in a flash likes hat usually, but with censor addition and special electronics ware, idea reader hat from taiwan can observe the user brain activity. he will analyze signal electroencephalogram (eeg) that radiated brain and can conclude when sleepy the user or wish for a certain.
hat really designed to help the user m engetahui matters outside the cognizance. the mentioned may be very is helping moment we in pursuance of job berisiko big or want full concentration, for example moment drive car.

on the surface of hat found five dry electrodes and one electrode rear left ear to catches signal eeg. brain signal that accepted sustained to computer with bluetooth for distance less than 10 meters until high frequency radiowave for distance up to 60 meters.
on trial this, computer uses prosesor dual core to processed data. analysis result will be radiated to return to receivers ware at hat and displayed according to realtime at ware sail grasps or mengonversi in the form of alarm.

to test system accuracy has measuresed somebody sleepy condition has been done twice tests has tried. volunteer will be be aimed in sail game car race that mengubah-ubah slope position the way at random. player that use idea reader hat from taiwan this is that sleepy reminder then is asked to return car to safe position each time happen change. the result, 75 correct warning percents.

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