Minggu, Juli 12, 2009

Hat Secret Ne-yo

Hat Secret Ne-yo. doesn't know also, the main ne-yo very rare (may be not ever) remove the hat. i don't know in what programme? , where? , when? , memvideo which clip even also? ne-yo never seen bare headed.

even less at one of [the] the clip video. moment bathe, pakek hat. moment brought to ambulance even also the hatnever removed.

and afterwards, i am more spirit looks for to know to like to what hair ne-yo and head ne-yo always closed that hat? . final i understand. and the result, will compare second all these phne-yo with hatoto clear: 




okay, this not so ugly, but IF the hat is opened. . .

sureprise……. . like chased yes? . . . . . hehehehehe sorry……. . ne-yo without hat

but quit of hat secret ne-yo, voice ne-yo and songs

good permanent……. ?

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