Jumat, September 04, 2009

Hat Dangdut

Hat Dangdut. berawal from ketidak sengajaan, my hand begins shrewd make hat kuberi hat name Hat Dangdut. . inspiration from surface dancer at band stand dangdut and peach goddess.


  • plastic ball is divided 2,
  • beads,
  • shred cloth berbahan sequin,
  • thread, pilox,
  • gold ribbon or silver.


  • scissors,
  • thread,
  • needle,
  • pilox gold or silver,
  • glue or double tape

manner makes:

  1. in the first place make the hat covering. . sure we must split plastic ball be 2 parts, wear one of them aja. then pilox exterior and in if want. then dry deh.
  2. after dry, our ball hem is lubangin approximately every 2cm. depending taste, if closer, the beads decoration future more sensation all at once make gatel make.
  3. every that hole us pasangin beads that is banded ama thread. kalo i make long the thread along my little finger. kalo you want more sensation, long the thread along my arm, also ok. . guaranteed, the thread future tousled ahe. . hehe. .
  4. well, after the beads pair, prepare shred cloth berbahan sequin bling dangdut that. . then, pair at around ball with double tape with menyisa half ingredient makes made hat tail. so the impression tu long hair rich tail gitu. well, hat tail from shred cloth a while ago mengiket kenceng and neat pake gold colour ribbon. .

so, Hat Dangdut…

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