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Batik Hat From Traditional Ingredient

Batik Hat From Traditional Ingredient. batik hat more mushroom di masyarakat general. follow the maker manner: BATIK HAT


  • batik cloth
  • cloth jarring gold
  • gold cloth
  • imitation feather
  • carton paper
  • thread

this hat maker idea is got from memory i am about north sumatra, where a part my family come. moment that is us asked to make hat with tradisional cloth ingredient. actually i want to use cloth songket, special cloth batak. but because expensive and difficult got so i use batik cloth. well, north sumatra region custom hat form form is seen cone from in front of, but without enclosing at on it. i am even also inspiration from this hat form and want to make hat form other a little mengadaptasi this custom hat form.

maker process:
the maker process enough easy. first we make sketch formerly, then made the pattern at carton paper. then our carton paper arranges with batik cloth. afterwards part one with other part is interlock/sewed. add gold cloth and imitation feather to beautify.

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